Über mich

I have been a KRI certified Kundalini Yoga teacher since 2001. I am married and mother of two children. On numerous trips through Europe and Asia I was able to expand and deepen my knowledge so that it can one day become wisdom. Because I live what I practice, old patterns of behavior can change in me and thereby manifest new, positive patterns.


 "We ourselves must be the change which we want to see in the world - Ourselves must BE the change which we want to see in this world" Mahatma Gandhi.


I want to encourage people to be an example for others through self-reflection and personal growth and to inspire through their being and charisma alone.




For almost eight years I lived with my family in a spiritual yogic community in the French Alps, where I was the so-called "Mother of the Ashram", responsible for the organization of the community and the spiritual life. As a personal assistant to a spiritual teacher, I have served for many years.


Since the end of 2012, my family and I have been living in northern Germany again. I teach Kundalini Yoga according to KRI, give massages and Sat Nam Rasayan® healing treatments in my private health practice as well as at your home. It is my passion to nourish humanity both physically and spiritually through the transmission of the teachings, the yoga, the Sat Nam Rasayan® and through the touch in my TouchLife® massages, TouchLife in end-of-life care and the Raindrop®-Technique. In addition, there is also a wonderful gentle work in the Dao Tha sound code treatment. Both for humans and for animals. There is nothing more beautiful than this, which touches me deeply, to share with other souls. Feel carried and cared for from deep inside.




I look forward to getting to know you.



Satyen Simrat K.






Sei Du selbst die Veränderung, die Du Dir wünschst für diese Welt