"TouchLife®" according to F. Leder and K. von Kalckreuth was founded in the 1980s. It is a holistic massage method that focuses on your well-being. The TouchLife® massage is individually tailored and carried out with respect and mindfulness. Pressure and speed are always adapted to the personal needs of the client.


The TouchLife® massage is based on 5 pillars:

Massage - conversation - energy balance - breath - mindfulness


It works against physical tension, strengthens the self-healing powers and can bring the entire body-energy system back into balance. Through the mindful touch we can consciously perceive ourselves again, such as thoughts, emotions, as well as images and connections between inner and outer attitude. With regular massages we can train our own perception and thus prevent tension.


TouchLife moment of glory:


Reflex zones and meridian points are integrated into a harmonious overall process. The head is massaged for 10 minutes, the hands for 20 minutes and the feet for 20 minutes. Feel good all over if you want to explore how the treatment of the small massage areas can have an effect.


Every massage is a journey of discovery to yourself!


I currently have a small room in Kirchtimke or I can come to your home (travel allowance is calculated depending on the distance) individually for the back, shoulder, neck, head, face, chest, abdomen, legs, feet, arms or hands. A full body massage is also possible.


Massage vouchers are available from me. Nice as a gift - for yourself or to make someone happy!



Massage offers:


TouchLife® 90 min (preliminary talk, approx. 60 min massage with rest afterwards): 90 euros


TouchLife Great Moment approx. 80 min (preliminary talk, 10 min head, 20 min hands, 20 min feet with rest afterwards): 75 euros 


Home visits are possible by prior arrangement. I charge an individual travel fee for this. For information or bookings you can call me: mobile 0177 - 792 45 04 or send an email: simratkaur73@gmail.com


Bookings are binding! Please note: if you do not show up, I will charge the full price if you have not canceled 48 hours in advance.





High-quality oils from YOUNG LIVING


For my massage treatments and in everyday life I use the essential, pure oils from Young Living. They enrich my work immensely and convince with their special power and unique fragrance compositions. You can find out more on the following website >www.youngliving.com, get advice from me and also buy the oils for yourself. 






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