Ayurvedic marma massage


The aim of this treatment is to cleanse the entire system as well as to balance the Vata Dosha as this controls the element of movement in the body. This balance enables Pitta and Kapha Dosha to regain their balance.




This massage treats all levels of your being as follows:


The physical body:

Starting with the feet, it becomes our connection to the earth (the coarsest element) to the head, ours

Connection to brain and ether (the finest element) established. This is achieved by massaging the body

Water element (lymph, blood, fluids) activated. In the process of this work, the fire element becomes active (heat in the

tissue, organs, metabolism) and begins a detoxification process. The water element transports these toxins

then out of the body (via blood, urine, stool, sweat, breath). After the toxins have been eliminated, they work

Air element (breathing, circulation) and the ether element (body presence, organs, etc.) better.



The Energy Body:

-Feels the physical change, but is also further through the activation of the Marma points by ours

 Work stimulates (life energy points). There are a total of 350 Marma points in our body. At the mom massage

 35 of them are stimulated. As I massage, I follow the chakra lines of the body, opening them up and stimulating   them

 and balanced. The prana, i.e. the life energy, is brought back into the flow.



The Emotional Body:

-feels the improvement through work. Our tissue carries the memories of past experiences; these experiences

 can be reawakened through work. The treatment helps clear the tissue and emotional blockages too solve.




The mental body:

-register this experience, feel the improvements, new clarity and often

 life changing encounters Decisions.



The higher bodies:

(Astral Body, Spiritual Body, Causal Body): our dream world, spiritual connection and awareness; everything becomes clearer, lighter and more balanced.

As a massage therapist, I serve as a bridge for the client to ground the energy during the treatment.

Silence is an important part of this technique. Silence gives us attention and calm and creates opportunity to feel different aspects of ourselves and bring them into action.



Marma massage: 60 min (preliminary talk, approx. 60 min massage with rest afterwards): 90 euros