Tulku Lobsang Rinpoche


Tulku Lobsang is a high Buddhist master and a respected practitioner of Tibetan medicine. Born in north-eastern Tibet in 1976, he entered the local Buddhist monastic school at the age of six and was recognized at the age of 13 as the eighth reincarnation of the Nyentse Lama. Even then, he was impressing people with his ability to heal. Tulku Lobsang received intensive training in basic Buddhist practices, Tibetan medicine, astrology, philosophy and the teachings of Tantrayana.


Tulku Lobsang brought the Lu Jong practice to the West. Before that, various masters from several Tibetan Buddhist schools had taught him for years. This enabled him to collect and modify the Lu Jong exercises to suit western needs. The result is a comprehensive program of physical exercises that bring our body and mind into balance.




Every year Tulku Lobsang travels through Europe, Asia and America to pass on his knowledge. Tulku Lobsang's teachings are characterized by his warm and amiable nature. Exciting, humorous, lively and close to everyday life, he manages the balancing act in his teachings to transfer the thousand-year-old knowledge of Tibetan Buddhism to the present day. It is very important to him that cultural exchange reduces suffering in the world.